Pentecost: Can a Church be born in a day?

On the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit gave birth to the Church. Jesus when He was alive told the disciples to wait in Jerusalem for the promise of the Father that they would be baptized by the Holy Spirit. Exactly on that day the third Person of the Trinity came down and in one of the greatest days of human history God came to indwell to transform and empower the apostles and the disciples of Jesus.
The Spirit continues to give life to the church. When a sinner repents, believes on and accepts Jesus as Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit comes in and begins the transformation in the heart of that person by bringing conviction, repentance and the ability to live the christian life day by day. He also opens our understanding to comprehend the scriptures (and so much more!). He gives us power, discernment and courage to persevere in our spiritual race.